ODS 13

"We are hopeful about the sensitivity of the new generations to climate change and the consequences of global warming. Only consciousness and education will be able to generate tools to take care of our greater good: our planet."Denise Abujamra




Denise Mauad Abujamra

Place of Birth:
Curitiba/PR – Brasil

Lives and works in Curitiba/PR – Brasil




Plastic artist. Uses several techniques and ways of expression, such as painting, photography, plotting and interactive works. Graduated in Psychology, Decoration and Classical Ballet. After 30 years of research in Psychoanalysis and Neuropsychology, she began his activities in Plastic Arts in 2004. In 2015, she lived in Spain where she participated in art workshops about his works for elementary and high school students. Her works can be found in national and international collections. Collective Exhibitions highlights: 2016 “RE–Encontro” Memorial de Curitiba/PR, 2014 “Projeto Arte na Caixa” Espaço Cultural BRDE and Museu Guido Viaro Curitiba/PR, 2014 “Olhares Diversos” Museu de Arte de Blumenau/MAB Blumenau/SC, 2013 “A Cor da Diversidade-Visão Contemporânea” Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Jataí/MS, 2009 “Contemporâneos Paranaenses” Museu Estação Cabo Branco João Pessoa/PB, 2006 “Book Arte–Livro de Artista” Museu da Gravura Solar do Barão Curitiba/PR, 2005 Espaço Cultural Casa do Brasil Madrid/Spain. Main Individual Exhibitions: 2015 “Escritas” Galeria Cultural Aires de Córdoba/Spain and Galeria Solar do Rosário Curitiba/PR, 2008 “Ciclo” Casa João Turin Curitiba/PR.