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João Luiz Fiani

João Luiz Fiani

Place of birth:

Palmeira/PR – Brazil



Actor, director, playwright, set designer, illuminator, sound engineer, producer, entrepreneur, publicist and radio broadcaster. Fiani has spent more than 35 years dedicated to the Paranaense Theater.

He took the stage for the first time in 1979, at the Colégio Estadual do Paraná, in the show "O Jogo da Independência", directed by Zélia Hurmann. He graduated in the Permanent Course of Theater from Teatro Guaíra. He is currently the Secretary of State for Culture of Paraná.

Secretary of State for Culture of Paraná

Created in 1979, the Secretary of State for Culture is the organ of the direct administration responsible for the implementation and management of the cultural policies of Paraná. This includes the realization of projects, strategies and actions that recognize, value, foment, encourage, promote, disseminate and guarantee the perpetuation of cultural goods - material and immaterial of the State.


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