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Nemécio Muller

Nemécio Muller

Place of birth:
Curitiba/PR – Brazil

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Graduated in Journalism from the Universidade Federal do Paraná – UFPR and in Social Work from the Pontificia Universidade Católica – PUC/PR. Promoter and developer of the Arts in Parana since the creation and formation of the first Parana Arts Club, the “Club dos 11” in the 70’s. Nemécio Muller was a radio broadcaster at Paraná Radio. He also is an Effective Member of API – Press Association of Parana. For many years, he has written daily and weekly Social Columns in more than 11 social media. He was a pioneer as anchor of the TV talk show “Curitiba VIP” for 19 years, channel 2, and franchise of Rede Manchete. Currently, dean of Curitiba. As Coordinator of MNODS – National Movement for Sustainable Goals – Biennial 2017/2019 in the state of Paraná, he was designated to collaborate with the dissemination of the SDGs along with the MNODS/PR Executive Coordination.


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