ODS 01


"In order to reduce poverty until eradicate it, do not add or multiply. SHARE!" - Alfi Vivern

No poverty

Goal 1: 
End poverty in all its forms everywhere





Alfonso Luis Bianchi Vivern

Place of Birth: 
Buenos Aires – Argentina

Lives and works in Curitiba/PR – Brasil




During the 60s, Vivern participated in the Instituto Di Tella in Buenos Aires, known as “viveiro de talentos”. At 20 years old, he graduated in design from Pan-americana School of Arts in Buenos Aires-Argentina. In the 70s, he settled in Brazil, where he received lessons from the Austrian sculptor, Francisco Stockinger. Since then, he has developed his artistic work in different types of materials and shapes. His work is present in galleries, public and private collections in many countries. He has been honored with many awards in important competitions, such as: 2007–1º first prize in the “EMAAR lnternational Art Symposium”, Dubai/United Arab Emirates. 2006– Prize in the “1ª Bienal de Escultura”, León/Mexico. 1996–1º Prize “III Concurso Internacional de La Talla en Piedras”, Barichara/Colombia. 1985 – 1º Prize in the “Concurso de Esculturas: comemoração 20 anos do IPPUC”, Curitiba/Brazil. Among his exhibitions stand out: Internationale Positionen Zeitgenössischer Steinbildhauerei Kunststaion Kleinsassen, in Fulda/Germany in 2003; Symposium, Les Géants, Oberhaslach/France, in 2003; 7º Aswan International Sculpture Symposium, Cai-ro/Egypt in 2002; Faxinal das Artes, Faxinal do Céu/PR, in 2002.