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"About hunger in the world? It does not matter since when, but until when as long as it does not take so long, because such bestial suffering, beyond human understanding, should not be part of anything eternal." - Francisco Borges-Laranjal






Francisco de Assis Borges

Place of Birth:
Laranjal/MG – Brasil

Lives and works inCuritiba/PR - Brasil





Francisco Borges-Laranjal graduated from engineering in 1980. He traveled to USA where he studied design, painting, collage, modelling and a watercolor in free courses between 1987 and 1989. He returned to Brazil and settled in Vitoria/ES, where he had contact with the illustration and the watercolor technique. There, he frequented ateliers of the artists Loio-Pérsio, Wagner Weiga, Cleber Galveas, Nilson Camisão, Nelson Leirner in the FAAP, Selma Weismmann in Guignard and Ronaldo do Rego Macedo at Parque Lage. In 1999, due to work reasons he lived in several cities of Brazil, such as Porto Alegre, Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Recife. This gave him the opportunity to share experiences with various artists, environments and events, besides visits to museums and galleries in Brazil. In 2012, he moved again to Curitiba. Francisco Borges-Laranjal has been honored in Brazil and other countries with awards, works in collections, collective and private exhibitions. Among them are: 1991– “Arte em papel reciclado” Prefeitura Vitória/ES; 2013– “Mostra Sustentabilidade Curitiba”– Curitiba/PR; 2014 to 2016 – the exhibition “Muros Visuais de Curitiba” APAP/PR (artworks exhibition on walls of the city) – Curitiba/PR; 2017– the book “Muros Visuais de Curitiba” APAP/PR with the participation of 100 artists – Curitiba/PR.