ODS 03

"Heart within the head and well-being! Whole body art! Sustainable body!" - Rettamozo





Luiz Carlos Ajalla Rettamozo

Place of Birth:
São Borja/RS – Brasil

Lives and works in Curitiba/PR – Brasil



Considered one of the most ingenious and creative artists of his generation, Retta , as he is known, was born in São Borja / RS, but has lived and worked in Curitiba / PR since 1970. He has been traveling for decades in the artistic and advertising circuit of Curitiba. He worked as art director in advertising agencies and created jingles and emblematic brands in the Parana state, Brazil. He won several important plastic arts prizes. Some of his works are part of the collection of the Museu Oscar Niemeyer MON/PR. Other highlights are the work carried out in the simultaneous collective painting workshops, idealized and developed by Rettamozo, such as the Sociedade dos Pintores do Ângulo Insólito and the Coletivo ComoVer Curitiba. Retta has an extremely comprehensive résumé, from multiple art awards to his great success in advertising. Rettamozo is a renowned artist who has painted, performed, created, drawn, composed, acted, published and participated in collective and individual, national and international exhibitions. All this allow us to glimpse the wide spectrum of this artist.