Sabine Feres

Sabine Feres

Place of birth:
Antonina/PR – Brasil



Visual Artist, Curator and Designer. Specialist in History of Modern and Contemporary Art in Music and Fine Arts of Paraná–EMBAP/PR, Specialist in Jewelry Designer by the University of Sao Paulo–USP and by the Brazilian Institute of Gems and Metals–IBGM/SP. Graduated in Industrial Design by the Federal University of Paraná–UFPR. Throughout her career and artistic experience, she took theoretical and practical courses in Art Studios/Lectures/Workshops, with Ronaldo Brito, Luiz Camillo Osório, Fernando Cocchiarale, Cecília Cotrim, João Magalhães, Tadeu Chiarelli, Mario Ramiro, Dudi Maia Rosa, Raul Córdula, Fernando Bini, Adalice Araújo, Maria Cecília Noronha, Maria José Justino, Artur Freitas, Ronald Simon, Jussara Age, Guilmar Silva, EdilsonViriato. International Exhibitions in Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, Macedonia, the United States and Argentina, as well as, National Exhibitions in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Ceará e Bahia. She has participated in official halls of art, books, awards, and works in public and private collections in Brazil and abroad.

Currently, she participates in Cultural Policies of Civil Society representing the artistic class in Visual Arts as a member of the Commission of Merit of the Subsidized Patronage and of the Culture-Law Municipal Incentive Fund, the Municipal Council of Culture and the Sectorial Collegiate of Visual Arts CNPC/MINC in Brasília/DF. She is Vice-President of the Professional Association of Plastic Artists of Paraná-APAP/PR, elected for the 2017/2019 biennium, and she was Cultural Director of this entity from 2009 to 2016, where she was responsible for the curatorship of many arts exhibitions. Since then, Sabine has been committed to the artistic field in several ways: production, selection, management, analysis and curatorship; combining her personal and professional experience in art related activities.